Alcoholics Anonymous in Arabia

What is AA in Arabia?

All the alcoholics who are anonymous in Arabia have a hard time reaching out to people because they fear being ridiculed by their parents and their friends. We want to provide a place for them that will give them an opportunity to be safe.

Whether you have been an alcoholic for a couple months a 20 years, we have the perfect solution for you. A lot of the times that we meet, we drink a lot of cool-aid in order to calm ourselves down. It’s just like drinking, but it doesn’t contain the harmful chemicals that people have been putting into themselves for so many years.

One way to measure if you will make it through the program is to give yourself an accountability partner before starting. We love seeing people involve others because it diversifies the problem and spreads in out over a large number of people. If you make your problem other people’s problem, the problem doesn’t seem as large to you. We want people to be happy and healthy in our groups.

See you on the inside and don’t forget to tip your glass to us!